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Development Update 1.0

Hello all!

I’ll also be updating my blog every now and then to update my lecturers, and anyone who may be following my partner and I as we develop this product. For this week, It was sort of simple and easy-going as we didn’t do much. We had put in so much time to just reading up and understanding the different languages we required. For sending and validating forms, we needed to learn and get the gist of PHP, a server-side scripting language that’d allow us to validate and register the user on a server.

Furthermore, from my previous experience with MySQL and some database in school, I knew that we had to store the data somewhere. We have decided to go with MySQL instead because of the many various perks and advantages it holds over other databases. For example, I can use a administration tool  (PHPmyAdmin) to execute commands and queries to administrate my database.

This week, I have also completed a mere small bit of the registration/sign up form. Dave and I have decided to work on a login section before working on the actual idea. This will give us some experience in dealing with the various HTML Methods (GET/POST) and PHP before working on pushing out the data through APIs from the various social medias. You can follow our actual and live development blog here :

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