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Why I prefer Firefox Quantum over Google Chrome: A perspective.

Hi all!

Today I will be just writing about why I prefer the new Fire Fox quantum over google chrome. As a IT Student, I try to keep up to date to tech news and any new products that may come out. Here’s a quick comparison between the two browsers


  • Simple neat design
  • Fast loading
  • Slow start up
  • Saves all recent visted page in history (longer to find)
  • No drag-and-drop for settings icon,etc

FireFox Quantum

  • Great feel with the new design
  • Fast start-up
  • Faster loading (60% faster)
  • 30% more memory efficient
  • Saves all the recent visited pages on new tab section (and in history)
  • Able to drag-and-drop customize to my liking
  • In-built screenshot
  • In-built send-to-device tab (I can send a tab to my IPhone’s Firefox Quantum)
  • Search to multiple search-engines (url input)

I really really really love how FireFox feels and works out for me. Start-up time is super important to me because I love to quickly start my browser use it, then close it and the cycle repeats whenever I need to use my browser again. Chrome is just getting slower over time. I’d recommend you to try out Firefox Quantum!.

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