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Two papers down!; Halfway there!

Hi all!

I’ve just completed my second paper, and I’m halfway there! Two papers are left!

1. Programming (The fun one!)
2. Networking Fundamentals (This is pretty fun too!)

I’ve always thought polytechnic or higher-education was all about practicals; preparing you for that dream job you’ve worked for. I was wrong! It’s a mix of both. Ever since my first actual “lesson” in a polytechnic, I have not since then been disappointed at any of the lessons or lectures taught by a teacher there. I’ve always looked forward to the next lesson, and have found holidays to be meaningless. At least in school, I was able to talk to people, learn more things about the IT industry, and many other things!

Until then, I’m ever-ready,hopeful and excited as ever for the two final papers!
Good luck to everyone 🙂

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