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Development Update 5.0

It’s almost time for us to sumbit our work in about two weeks! We also have D-day coming soon. (Demo Day). This means we’ll be able to practice our pitching skills soon on the various lecturers.

For Dave and I, we’ve both been working on our individual side of the project. It is mainly divided into two different parts, the Front End Development and Back-End Development. Dave is constantly maintaining the website, which we’ve both use Git (BitBucket) to share our codes and make things more efficient. For this week, I have tried many different PHP Source development kits to attempt to post/GET to and from Linked-In.

Back-End Development

This week, I’ve tried countlessly to get a PHP script to run with posting to linkedIn, and a HTML form to post the data from. I’ve tried with composer to install and make sure from the server’s side that the library (for linkedIn) would work. Unfortunately, It hasn’t yet worked. I am still constantly trying to get it to work. I am sure that the codes from Twitter and Facebook would be similar to LinkedIn’s.

What’s to expect:

For this coming week, I will be trying to get to POST to LinkedIn, and attempt to integrate with Dave the front-end along with the back-end. For example, We would need to ensure and write a simple script to check which checkboxes are ticked. In order to call the proper scripts (to POST to different websites).

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