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Chongqing and Chengdu!

Hello everyone, I’m here in China with my classmates and some school mates for a Immersion Programme with my school. It is day nine now and I regret not writing this blog post earlier or even daily. I’ve taken an advice from my friends to start writing down my thoughts as It will be easier to look back at it for a reflection journal/memory.

Chengdu has been an awesome experience so far, The food here is indeed spicy and delicious. It lives up to it’s name as “mala huopuo” which is also known as hotpot in chinese. We’ve gone to different restaurants each time we’re having lunch/dinner for the past few days in Chengdu. Each and every restaurant has had an awesome dish and something that has always not failed to impress my classmates and I.

I’ve also interacted with some of the Chinese people and noticed that they were really interested to know more about our culture as well as share theirs. They live very simple lives and may not be as complicated as our lives in Singapore. I believe this is mainly due to the Chinese traditions passed down for generations.

Tomorrow, we’re visiting the Xinhu national wetland park and I can’t wait to visit there! 😀

Image taken at Chengdu

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