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My experience of China

China was a massive eye-opener for me. It has taught me not to take for granted all the small little things here in Singapore. Things like being able to study in a polytechnic or even being able to go to school in the first place.

In China, there are many differences that you’re able to straight away notice. For example, the traffic there is very scary as people rarely stop at traffic lights unless it is riddled with traffic cameras. To make things even more horrifying, at pedestrian crossings, you need to be really wary of oncoming traffic. The Chinese people also have a really easy going lifestyle. They get by every day with ease, and as long as they have what they need… they’re content and happy.

All in All, China has also impressed me with it’s mobile payment methods. Companies like Tencent and Alibaba have really increased their presence in China alone. With mobile payment QR-Codes almost everywhere in China, you can tell that everything can be easily processed with through WeChat Pay or AliPay.

The idea of having a single application to do all sorts of browsing, payment and even entertainment is absolutely amazing. Being able to compile everything onto the cloud and being able to keep up with the westernized world is simply amazing. There is no place else in the world you can find such convenience.

Image taken at Wulong

Thank you China for the amazing and unforgettable experience.

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