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It’s been a while all!

Hello everyone! It’s been about a month or two since I’ve last posted. I thought I would start to give a post to talk about the interesting things that has happened the past few weeks!

I’ve recently chosen my elective modules, and I am so very excited to begin learning the coming semester! I’ve selected the Developing Cloud Applications & Designing and Managing Cloud Databases Modules.

I am expecting both the modules to be full of information that will enrich my future, equipping me with the proper knowledge to start hopefully developing a cloud application. Recently, my interest in C# has given me a motivation to work on a small but interesting web application.

My development starts with disrupting the huge cloud computing companies today, where by it is fairly hard to determine what sort of disruptions/downtime you may expect on your own infrastructure/platform/software. This web application of mine will attempt to make use of Artificial Intelligence (hopefully) to compute and see which cloud computing services may best suit you, although right now… I am only working on a simple availability calculator with multiple factors put into consideration.

I am aware of artificial intelligence and amazing results it is able to produce after training. Though some people may support me with a similar opinion, others may feel that it is utterly scary to put complex calculations/important decisions to be made by these machines. The cost of making an wrong decision may be far too much. The debate about using AI in the near future is one I will be keeping close to my watch list.

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