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The essence of a back-end web application

Before coming into Laravel, Laragon & VueJS and all that cool stuff… I quickly learnt myself after a day of lessons (just today!) that they have a huge potential and a literal whole new world to explore!

I’ve basically learnt what a MVC is, M stands for Model, V stands for View, and C stands for Controller. They are the real basic aspects of a web application, and I’ve finally come to the understanding that they’re very important when developing a new application!

The true understanding of how APIs really work out there! First, you’ll start by working on the different APIs to do the different functions, then you go around to working on the routes, to direct different routes to views. Then, you’ll start working on the front-end, with AJAX to make use of your API and get the appropriate data!

Cool isn’t it! That’s what i didn’t know, when i started, and my my how amazed I was. You can learn more from Laracast




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