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My service learning experience


Recently I was able to be given the opportunity to visit St Hilda’s Community Services. There, i met and made many new friends! I was then assigned to an elderly to entertain her, know more about her and eventually i made a poster for her!

The beneficiary I was assigned to was Mrs Teo. She was very friendly to me and told me all kinds of interesting things about her time at the Foundational Day Care Link. For instance, she loves to watch her favorite Taiwan television show, and to play bingo! One of the activities we’ve played on our first trip there. We also learnt a lot about the elderlies there, we learnt what they’ve done in the past as their occupations, about the Japanese Sino-occupation, and so much more! We’ve also learnt about their lives, some of the amazing experiences they’ve had since they were young. The distinct difference between their generation, and our current generation.

On the contrary, after the first visit… I had gotten a very good impression of the elderlies there and couldn’t wait to embark on our activities the second visit there. I knew that the elderlies were going to have fun doing what we’d planned for them.

Post Visit

I felt amazing and happy to have been thanked by the elderly, for the three days of visit there, to learn more about them, entertain them and ultimately give back to them. On the last visit, we had prepared several games to play, first we made use of calligraphy we’d learnt in the OIP (Overseas Immersion Programme). We gave them several simple words to write, and some of them were amazing!

I learnt that our generation is very fortunate to have been able to be born without any worries, not during war, or in poverty. For them, it was very much different… some of the elderlies there came migrated from China, hoping to lead a better life here in Singapore. Some of them even lived throughout the Japanese occupation, where it was a very bitter and cruel period of Singapore’s history. I am however grateful to them, as these are the very same people who have shaped how our country is like today, in terms of culture, religion, and our government.

I was very grateful for being granted this opportunity to give back to the elderly, whilst making use of my skills I’ve learnt in school (mainly Photoshop & operating system fundamentals)


I mainly did some photoshop on one of the pictures ensuring that they had proper contours on the subject, and to ensure that they had proper lighting and background blur. i learnt photoshop through my lessons in one of the diploma plus lessons! (Diploma +in Web Design & Development)

Next, through my experience in playing with Windows 10 & the module i took in year 1 (Operating Systems Fundamentals), I was able to figure out where the print options were, and how to access the proper ones together with configurating the printer-drivers  to be able to print out nice pictures to be pieced together on the poster.


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