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My very first industry visit!

The first few industry visits i had were to polinate, a startup workspace incubator from polytechnics and the worldskills event hosted at Suntec exhibition halls! Through these events, i got a glimpse into how the working life is like, and how the startup grind really is!

My first industry visit was a quick visit to Pollinate, an incubator that was a joint initiative by three polytechnics. It aims solely to help entrepreneurship efforts by the polytechnic students, along with alumni entrepreneurs. It was very amazing look at this creative space, where current and even past students from polytechnics were there, working and shaping their ideas into a better form. We also had a short talk from a co-founder of Kakku, which is a very smart way of advertisement, and they intent of disrupting the current advertisement business models.

I found that very inspiring as it was unlike anything I’d ever heard of before. You would make use of a local area network (LAN), to advertise. This was simply amazing, and this has motivated me to push on, and not look for the best idea out there, but simply refine and work with your passion.

As for my second industry visit, I was volunteering as a Workshop assistant at one of the workshops to introduce programming/technology to the secondary school students. Shockingly, many of them already knew what programming was, as they already have lessons in school which teach them simply about programming. Furthermore, some of the students in the workshop remind me of my younger self, when I would be very curious, play more, and finally understand how it would work. I could some of the students exhibit this playfulness, since they’re interested… they made use of the time to ask more questions and tried out different code combinations (since it was block programming). This was super inspiring to me as it reminded me of how technology would always move on and we would have to keep upgrading ourselves.

The above picture is me and a group of friends volunteering at worldskills & the below, is a picture of us at polinate!

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