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Beware, Icloud users!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing superbly great recently, and I got a new macbook to spice my life up. With the new 2018 macbook pro, my programming life has changed for the better. Things are simply awesome on the new unix-based OS. There’s just an upsetting part. I got the base-model. Which means i only have about 256GB Flash storage. This means i don’t have a lot of space! Which is exactly why i depend on ICloud.

ICloud is awesome, because it is so seamlessly based on nothing but apple products. It’s simply amazing and easy to access through the apple eco-system. You ought to know though, don’t ever enable photos in your System Preferences > ICloud well, that is unless you have about 1TB of space on your new macbook pro.

Make sure to check the ICloud Photos option off. The macbook does not explain it very well in the system preferences. By checking these options, you opt to sync that app with ICloud. (I only figured out after deleting my photos from the macbook pro)

UNCHECK YOUR PHOTOS! (the macbook pro force-downloads all your photos on icloud if you select this. – the optimized photos)

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