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Hey guys, I’ve recently been up to trying to learn docker. It’s simply great.

This is simply a draft post to instruct new system administrators or developers like myself how docker works, and how I interpret it. It’s also really good for my future self (just in case i forget how docker might work. I can just refer back to this!)

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Docker is just a containerization tool to help you work easily with multiple operating systems. Say you had a two different servers you were intending to deploy your application on:  A staging server, and a production server. Docker helps you cut down on redundant mess and configuration. All you need to do is to run a docker container with a docker image. You’re set. (It’s practically github for docker-images, so they work on docker containers!)

I’m still in the middle of learning how docker works, and trying to deploy/ship out a demo-web app on the mac-os platform (on apache). I’ll write another blog-post in a few days time on the commands and things you should take note of.

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