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The Docker Guide!

Docker is an awesome tool! and this is my guide on how I use it for development, and or other fun things you can do with docker!

Docker is a containerisation tool as explained in the previous post. Here are some of the Docker Commands that I’ve used to help start, etc!

docker ps - shows all active docker containers
docker ps a - shows all active/inactive docker containers
docker start *name* - starts the docker container with the *name* eg: docker start mussql - starts the docker container with sql
docker pull *name* - pulls docker *name* from dockrehub, etc...
docker build -t testapp:v1 - builds your docker image based on your Dockerfile. (look at: there are other flags like --no-cache etc!

What’s a dockerfile? : A docker file is simply just a set of instructions for docker to build images automatically.

I hope the above commands have helped you understand docker a little better.  You can download it for windows, or Mac-os and try it out yourself here : 

Thanks for taking your time to read!

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