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Project Fosterships!

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a project with a team of four guys, where our product aims to be an innovative solution for social interaction. Project Fosterships is an idea to help foster worthwhile relationships with groups of people who attend camp/events by breaking the ice while promoting a sense of belonging amongst themselves.

Following this we’ve prepared for our first sprint, as you can see with the picture below… it is our assigned board space.

As you can see, this is our first sprint, we’ll be working on the game-concept and mainly the login page for our product. As for project management… we’ve decided to make use of Trello as our main project management tool. You can access our trello board –> here!

I’ll briefly explain about our trello board here! (and just for progress-tracking… I will update trello every week!)

As you can see, we have a simple info board for us to update each other on the clarity of the project, along with the deadlines which will tell us the different deadlines we’ve set with clear countdown timers shown. Furthermore, we’ve also added a card list for risk/opinions we’ve heard and revised through with the group members, and or other people.

Sprint #1

As for our first sprint, we’ve planned to start on the game-concept and the login parts. This is to help hopefully present our game with a proof of concept to the lecturers.

After the inception deck, we’re planning… we’ve also made sure that our product backlog is clear and what the scope is actually about. In addition to what we’ve done… we’ve also started on the inception deck slides, along with a simple inception deck document that will go briefly into the details about our project.

To keep up to date with us: 

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