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Progress for Sprint #1 (Week 4)

Hello yall!

For sprint #1, we’ve started to do some development by bootstrapping a native Android application. For this week, we’re intending to do a sprint review and sprint-retrospective to help us check in at the progress of our sprint.

We’re looking to do a burnup chart, which will help us look at the progress along with the ideal “progress” that we’ll be working on.

We will be following the above template as shown above. On top of that… we’ll also plan for the next sprint.

  1. Getting feedback from the previous sprint
  2. Plan the next set of work for the next sprint (iteration planning meeting)
  3. Make sure the user-stories are planned for the next sprint (story-planning meeting)
  4. Look for areas of improvement (mini-retrospective)

We will have a story-planning meeting at the start and have feedback session and iteration planning along with the mini-retrospective at the end of the stand-up meeting.

Recently, we’ve also started development on the Android Application by starting to develop and design the different activity layouts, along with instantiating the database and seeding it with fake-data and instantiating the different buttons, text-boxes and more.

All in all, progress looks to be on track, and we hope to develop the game-concept into our prototype as soon as possible by the end of this week. Once again, you can look at what we’ve been doing on trello (

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