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Completion of Sprint #1! – Project Fosterships

We’ve finally completed our very first agile sprint. It was truly a learning experience. Although it was fairly weird to get started on the story-points and user stories compared to previously when we had listed down the tasks and began to start work on it soon after.

The first sprint, as a team was fairly tough although we have begun to gain momentum and have quickly learnt the ropes of mobile app development from one of our teammates, Daniel. I’ve assisted with the development of the booking screen. One of our most important parts of the app! To allow for event organisers to make use of the booking screen to book their event and eventually make use of our game app as competitive fun.

Below is a picture on what we’ve done with the Trello board, yet again. Since my team is not satisfied with the user stories as some of it may seem like duplicates or messy… We’ve come together to readjust the user stories and our story points. I’ve circled and underlined the cards!

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next sprint, where it’s all prep to quickly work on our prototype for presentation during the BYTE Hackathon! I have also attached a screenshot of our burnup chart, which helps mark our progress!

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