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We’re done with the Byte Hackathon!

We’re finally done with the byte hackathon! The everyday grind was an uplifting experience! For the 3 days, I set my mind to make sure I had the correct mindset through all days. Work on, and complete a proper prototype to present!

My Team and I made sure all parts of the prototype had worked, from the main activity screens right down to every single line of code, constantly user-testing with different values, inputs and from a different angle. We made sure that the live demo was perfect. Although It wasn’t, I’m sure My team and I gave it our best shot.

Below is a simple one slide elevator pitch for you (the readers!) to find out more about what Project Fosterships is about.

Amongst the feedback, we were given from many lecturers and friends… one stood out. The Idea could work! We intend to make the idea work by applying the iterative process of an agile sprint to the use. We’d get feedback from the product owner –> review –> work on it!

All in all, the BYTE Hackathon was an amazing experience. We came in as the second runner-up and I truly believe it was a worth-while experience. (Below are some snippets of how our project looks like)

IF you have any feedback or questions about the project, Feel free to let us know! (You can contact me @ brian(at) Here’s a picture of my team at the Hackathon!

From left to right: Mr. Ng Poh Oon, Daniel, Myself, Eshwar, and Malcolm

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