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PF – Week 6 & 7!! (PF = Project Fosterships)

We’re starting on Sprint 3! Altogether, we’re doing pretty well as a team thus far, and we’ve come together recently in a meeting and discuss the plans and what to work on moving forward in the next few sprints. As expected, we’ve added several new function and requirements into our final MVP. Below is a picture of our trello board, which will show what we’ve changed since the last meeting.

As you can see, we’ve organized the trello board to a general format (from Meetings & standups to general tasks, user stories which are not assigned and the Sprint 3 tasks). As seen, we’ve also added the total number of story points for that current sprint at the very top of sprint 3’s user stories. This helps us to gain an overlook when managing the project from an Agile perspective.

To Conclude, Week 6 and Week 7 has been a lot of project management and just to gauge where we’re at. We’ve worked and met up for two sprint planning meetings along with a single sprint retrospective to conclude everything. Lastly, for my part, I will also be developing the Android Application and the back-end with ruby on rails 5. It will be an awesome project!

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