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Ruby on Rails 5

Hello everyone! I am currently learning ruby on rails for my project, and this is to help me learn better. I will explain each command below after listing it out!

rails g/generate

to generate something in rails

rails generate migration AddXtoY

to generate a migration to add email to user table (strict convention of naming the migration … Read more)

rake db:migrate         OR        rails db:migrate

to migrate the database after modification (from migration files > db/migrations/* )

rake db:reset

to reset the database and work on all migrations again (delete all then create)

Some Ruby On Rails 5 Conventions

  1. Migrations have to have the proper name (AddXtoY, etc)
  2. Partials have to be _name.html.erb (named in this order)

3.     RoR conventions to note: (

4.     Explanation and Demo on 1–m association ( 

As of right now, this commands help me to see and do the basic stuff. I will edit this post and add on most stuff as time goes by. I’ll always be learning more!

Last updated 27 December

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