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Portfolio II Weekly Blogs

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to properly organise my blog and categorise all the Portfolio II weekly blogs under the Portfolio II Module tag. Then, I will be giving a rough outline of what has went on throughout the weeks. Before that, I will link you to the sections/blog posts that were meant for certain weeks.

Introduction, Sprint planning & Sprint #1 (Weeks 1-3)

Project Fosterships!

Sprint #1 Update (Week 4)

Progress for Sprint #1 (Week 4)

Sprint #1 Completion (Week 4)

Completion of Sprint #1! – Project Fosterships

Sprint #2 – The BYTE Hackathon (Week 5)

We’re done with the Byte Hackathon!

Sprint #3 – Upgrade! (Week 6-7)

PF – Week 6 & 7!! (PF = Project Fosterships)

The above shows off the past blogs and updates I’ve written for the said weeks or sprints. Today’s update is with regards to the progress of Sprint #3, and if we’re keeping on track with regards to the timeline below.

As you see above, we aimed to complete sprint 2 during the Hackathon, and if time permits… we’d have worked on the next sprint along with further refinement of the application (Weeks 6-9). I have to say, so far we’ve been on track.

Recently last week, we had also done a quick sprint retrospective which was summarised on the Trello board —> These were some of the comments we took out from the Hackathon’s sprint. With that, we proceeded to plan for our next sprint and the rest. We’ve greatly added several requirements that we feel are parts of the actual core product. You can see these products on our Trello board again.

Coming to our next part, one of the main few features that we added, since time permits was to have a back-end web application to create the events. Instead of having everything done on a mobile-backend. This allowed for the events/objects/variables to be created within the cloud database first, and then allowed for the java application (android app) to be linked up to it. Overall, the smooth transition for event organisers and event attendees.

To conclude, I’ve listed out all the previous blog posts so as to collate it up, along with talked about how far we are in relation to the first timeline we came up with, and finally, the generalised thoughts on the new features.

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