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Clarity on the Portfolio II Project, and updates! (Sprint 4) – JIRA & Slack

Hello everyone, This is an update and clarification post on the scope and general project, and we’ve got really really exciting news to share. To start things off, we’ve moved managing the project from Trello and over to JIRA, a software development tool for professional teams to manage their projects. It’s really great, we get to track our issues and tasks, along with visually assigning who’s doing what. There’s a huge agile board for us to look at and keep on track. Here’s a peek!

As you can see, it’s simply a way to visualize our workflow on sprints, and more. It’s really awesome, also since I spent some time to install JIRA myself… I picked up how to configure JIRA and Tomcat! We’ll also be presenting at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Open House! Let’s do some clarification & explanation of our project!

Project Fosterships is an event-based interactive game. We’re hoping to bring about social interaction with an innovative way. We have a game that will be developed on Android Studio but simply set up from a website, but let me make it clear. The website acts as a Mobile Backend, so as to create objects to be stored and created and would then be easily accessed from the mobile device. This was mainly due to the issue we had when looking for a proper way to create or manage the events, we just could not write any server-side code on Firebase, nor on Android Studio.

Furthermore, we’ve grown a lot as a team as we had two new members added to the team. Bob (Cheng Hien) and Joseph! They’re both assisting with the different parts of the project and so far have been doing really well. Joseph will be helping out with the mobile development, and Bob (Cheng Hien) will be helping me out on the Ruby on Rails backend. To make things more accommodating as a group, I’ve asked the team to set up and download slack so that it is easier for us to communicate on many fronts. I’ve realized that Communication is usually important as messages can get distorted very easily. Let’s take a look at our slack channels! PS: We even have a JIRA channel and bot that updates us on any changes on the sprint board.

So..  that’s it. We’re lacking behind a little in Sprint 4, but we hope to catch up real soon. Wish us luck and come patronize us at the Open House!

As you’ll see above, we have various channels for different discussions and on-going meeting notes even. Most importantly, we have a #jira channel and an automated workflow system that updates us if any work is updated on the spot.

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