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Project Fosterships, the MVP?

Hello everyone, I’m writing this just a day before the demo-day, which is when most of my cohort comes to school, sets up the portfolio project that we’ve all been working on for the past semester, and visualize the progress! Ultimately, what have we learned from our experiences? do we fail fast, and then learn fast?

Going through P2 (Portfolio II), I am very grateful to have been able to work on a project that has given me insights into the real world of game development, mobile development and some small parts of web development. We developed an android app which has a website as it’s backend, along with the awesome development platform by Google, Firebase.

Throughout the entire course of the project, we have juggled around with different ways of project management, frameworks to use, and how to solve a single problem from many angles. As our challenge statement given to us states: “Innovative solutions for social interaction”. We came up with a simple idea of playing the game 4 pictures 1 word, into a real-life and totally new game. Refining the idea every single time something doesn’t add up, and the game flow ever since Week 3.

What have I learned?

Like every person and team in the world, we have our imperfections. When we were faced with doubts and obstacles, we tried to push on by discussing and coming to a consensus. When that didn’t work, we sought help from our lecturer, Dr. Oon. Who then gave us more information on how we could approach the situation differently.

Here are a list of the things I learned throughout the entire course of the development of this project.

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Android Development (Java)
  3. Firebase PaaS
  4. Tomcat
  5. Project Management
  6. Team Management

Without any doubt, this project has taught me a lot more than meets the eye! I’ve learned not one, but two languages that I can code comfortably with, a plus is when I also picked up how to make use of firebase to work on future mobile development projects too! The above is just a short list from the many things I’ve learned.

Have we completed the project?

An MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Project”, and it means an early prototype just enough to satisfy customers. I am very proud to say that my team and I have managed to complete the MVP, throughout the 14 or 15 weeks of development. In addition a lot of it was self-learned since most of the team have had no background or prior experience with Mobile Development or Ruby on Rails.

Tomorrow (demo day), we will be presenting our final product, and words can’t describe how excited i am to present, and demo our product to you if you will be there!

Brian Chew

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