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A whole new world.

Hello everyone, It’s Brian again, and today I’m back with a whole lot of motivation and inspiration to redesign a clean architecture for my personal server hosted by OVH. I’ve been a huge fan of OVH for a long time and been with them ever since they opened and offered services here in Singapore.

Thus, I figured it is time I put my personal server with them to good use. No more mess no more wasted compute power. The entire process was inspired by Devon Crawford’s video. I want to be able to deploy my own web applications as well, on a microservice architecture.

Instead of wasting the entire server to just a website. I could run a whole lot more with a lot less. The main solution? Containerization. I intend to make use of Docker to help reduce the loads on my server. Here’s an awesome list of things I intend to do on this one mini server with OVH.

  1. Website (About, Portfolio, Contact, Blog)
  2. Cloud Storage System (FTP, SFTP or web-based file-uploading like ownCloud)
  3. Git Solution (A Self-hosted git solution like
  4. Project Management Tool/Software (JIRA)
  5. Database service (preferably not on the same server, hence containerization)
  6. VPN (OpenVPN)

But the list doesn’t stop there, as I grow to learn more things in the world of tech. There will be a lot more things I can add on, which is why the best architecture is probably a microservice one. That way, I’ll easily be able to slot it in and deploy it on a docker image –> container –> and live via a port.

Let’s see what are the pre-requisites before properly deploying everything with ease, in terms of it being scalable, easy to deploy and manage and obviously a lot less overhead on the system. I’ll need to pick up on how to use docker properly, mainly docker compose, swarm and maybe even Kubernetes. I’ve read up on some articles that say they both work really really well.

Here are Some pictures of the notes I wrote about how I intend to set the entire system up. Take a look! 😎

Server Architecture Map
A snippet of how I hope the architecture to work out!
Site/Server Architecture
Notes on the site architecture, what to note, what’s cool to add and extra setups!

To conclude, that’s all I have, for now, I’m still planning on what’s next to do and what else I should learn. Take a look at my youtube playlist on docker to see what I’m watching and learning. Learn with me!

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