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Let’s do this.

Hello everyone, I’ll be revamping this website as part of this post, along with everything on the virtual machine I have with OVH. In that time, I will attempt to keep a copy of the entire site hosted temporarily on DigitalOcean, and see how it goes! Here’s a gist of the plan:

The Plan:
1. Duplicate all existing sites/apps into a container (docker)
2. Deploy these docker images onto a single VM on an alternate cloud service provider (DigitalOcean)
3. Redeploy and reset existing cloud infrastructure
4. Repeat step 2 for the current cloud service provider (OVH)
5. Tadah!

Although however well it works really depends on playing with the configurations on NGINX’s load balancer. I’ll try this out and post another video on my youtube channel here (only if you’re curious!):

Brian, out!

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