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Hello everyone, long time no speak!

It’s been 2 3 weeks into my internship here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and it’s been one hell of a joyride. I love what I’m currently doing and can’t wait for the near future. I’m an intern at Fidor Solutions, the technology arm of the award-winning challenger bank Fidor.

I’m learning so much, from small skills like how to debug/read logs on an existing rails project to different things like how employees are managed on an organizational level… it’s a lot to take in, and so much to learn.

It’s been really really fun. Here’s what I’ve been up to, a lot of rails, front-end frameworks, and more ruby on rails. It’s pretty awesome thus far, I’ve been doing what I love, development, although I’d love to get more down and dirty with DevOps. It’s still been a great three weeks with product and engineering.

Things have yet to kick off. This 3rd week is only the first! I’m super surprised at how fast I’m learning the ropes, from learning how the backend system is supposed to work to learning git and actually practicing it in a CI pipeline.. there’re also many things I’m happy to work with.

Normally in school, you wouldn’t be given such an opportunity to play with real-life systems, sure.. you get to play with say the school’s deployed portfolio application once in a while, just to update things, but you almost never get any chance to develop something huge… Here, the system’s so large there’s lag on the development machine.. I mean.. when does that ever happen?! I could spend hours just staring at the code, and not just be amazed at the scale alone.

Still, It’s given me an insight into how things are run at a tech company. Things definitely aren’t like this in a school, or a normal company. Fidor is unique FinTech company and will definitely be one of my best experiences. Let’s end off with a picture!

Picture of me near the Dubai creek
Taken near the Old Dubai Creek (Historical Village)

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