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The way forward.

Hello everyone. It’s Brian again. I’ve been super great and awesome so far. It’s been almost one and a half months into my internship, and I’ve been able to experience and learn so much.

For instance, I was given the chance to attend the AWS Dubai 2019 Summit, where I learned a lot about AWS’s partners in the region, along with a whole lot more about the cloud giant. I’ll be making some changes to my own architecture inclusive of setting up a LEMP stack, without the P…

How you may wonder?
Well, I’m going to be dockerizing my current architecture or server, which is a single instance of the popular Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It’s simple really, dockerize it, then store it somewhere as a docker image, and deploy it as a docker container.

As part of this, I will be moving my entire stack or architecture, if you insist… to the micro-service architecture. This way, I will be able to slot in things and nothing is dependent on nothing, and if they really need to communicate… they can be set up in a scalable manner.

How should I begin?

First, I’ll spend some time into studying how Docker is used, and play with it around in the real world, not on literal production servers.. but maybe a cheap and spun up t1.micro AWS instance. Next, I’ll test and try docker on that instance, testing it as I try. Finally, comes the real deal. Once I’m satisfied with the entire infrastructure being impregnable and real scalable with docker, I’ll deploy it to my old server after resetting it on say a new Red Hat or Fedora instance that I intend to pick up within the same time period.

That’s how I’m planning to set it all up in one simple get go explanation. Looking forward to doing more, and I’ve been pumped up with motivation and excitement to explore more of the cloud world after the recent AWS Summit Dubai 2019.

Me at the AWS Dubai Summit 2019 by the DeepRacer Challenge Booth.

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